If you are interested in creating a mirror of the Termux-Pacman repositories, you can do so using the rsync tool via the sync.termux-pacman.dev domain:

# example of mirroring Termux-Pacman repositories
rsync -a --delete rsync://sync.termux-pacman.dev/termux-pacman termux-pacman

Note that the service.termux-pacman.dev domain does not support file transfer via rsync due to the nature of the storage technology. You can use it with another tool if the file transfer occurs via the Internet protocol http/https.

Mirroring requirement

It is imperative to mirror database signatures (these are *.db.sig, ​​*.files.sig and *.json.sig) and package signatures if they are present in the repositories.


To avoid errors in mirroring and to receive news about the Termux-Pacman repositories, we strongly recommend sending your contact email to us at pacman@termux.dev. You can also notify us about important events in your mirror for better action planning.